Accuair Pressure+ Upgrade

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Lowered/Ride Height/Raised plus All Down.


Learns how to adjust for your vehicle.


Visual display of each corner’s spring pressure.


Lifts vehicle to driving height.


Wiring harness for easy installation.


Adjustment methods avoid valve “pulsing” and gets you ready to drive immediately.

You asked and we delivered! For those who are wanting to inflate and deflate their airbags to certain pressure settings, the AccuAir Pressure+ upgrade is going to be the solution. Similar to our Height+ sensors, the Pressure+ upgrade allows for pressure-based control within your ePlus app. This system uses the e+ ECU and can be enabled in the advanced settings in the ePlus app.


  • Shows Individual Spring Pressure
  • Requires A Pressure-Based Calibration To Be Performed From The App
  • Used In Conjunction With A Pressure Sensor Kit
  • Uses The Same Touchpad+
  • Can Easily Be Used With VU4 Using ¼ NPT to ⅛ NPT Reducers
  • Can Easily Be Used With ENDO-VT or Any Other Manifold By Placing Pressure Sensor Tee Inline Between Valve And Springs

Pressure+ vs Height+

To give you a better idea of the differences between the Pressure+ and Height+ systems, let’s look at some pros and cons when comparing.


  • The Pressure+ Kit Is Easier To Install Than Height Sensors
  • The Pressure+ Kit Has Less Moving Components That Can Be Broken
  • The Pressure+ Kit Is Several Hundred Dollars Less Expensive
  • Uses Same Straight-To-Target Adjustment Style As Height-Based Kit


  • The Height+ Kit Has A More Accurate Method Of Getting To The Desired Height
  • The Pressure+ Kit Will Not Adjust For Changes In Load

What's Included

The Pressure+ kit includes one harness and four pressure sensors.


Already have a VU4 manifold and looking to install Pressure+ (while possibly replacing your height sensors with these pressure sensors)? You'll want to order 4 of these inline tees to make your install a breeze.