AirLift Performance 3P Self Leveling Management System

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Air Lift Performance 3P combines pressure-based control with the ability to add ride-height sensing technology with the upgrade to height sensors. While both types of air management have been utilized before, this is the first product to harness the benefits of both systems – instantly improving suspension control, performance, and vehicle ride flexibility.

Both systems come with the Air Lift Performance 3 controller, a device that is truly amazing to hold and to use.
Free Mobile App
Take full control of your 3H/3P system with a FREE mobile app with no additional hardware needed, for all compatible devices.
Fully Integrated Manifold
By combining the ECU, pressure manifold, and Bluetooth module into one compact unit, the new manifold takes up less space than multiple components.
5 Custom Presets
The system quickly adjusts to and maintains height and/or pressure presets with the with single or double tap.
Show Mode
Turn your vehicle off and continue to control your air management via the controller or FREE mobile app.
Rise on Start
Turn the key and the system will take you right to your programmed ride height.

This Kit Includes:

  • 3H/3P digital controller
  • Integrated ECU + manifold
  • Advanced electrical wiring harness
  • 18 of 1/4 or 3/8"″ air line
  • Water trap with straight fittings